30 Years Innovative Loudspeaker Design

Established 30 years ago, ic audio is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of public address, voice alarm, and network loudspeakers.

Innovative product engineering 'Made in Germany', OEM solutions with EN54 certification and custom-made designs are developed in the company headquarter in Mannheim and in our second plant in Viernheim.

The ic audio product line features a wide range of EN 54-24 loudspeakers, as well as cutting-edge IP and WiFi network loudspeakers. The EN54-4 Emergency Power Supply Manager complements our impressive array of products.

10 Reasons to Choose ic audio

  1. German manufacturer and worldwide supplier of 100V audio products
  2. Versatile market leader in EN54-24 certified speaker segment
  3. DIN ISO 9001:2015 certified
  4. VDE certified manufacturing plant (ECS/CIG 021 - 024: 2014)
  5. RoHS 2011/65/EUNSR 2014/35/EU & EMC 2014/30/EU compliant
  6. Proven innovative strength within the voice alarm sector
  7. EN54 OEM Specialist
  8. Worldwide distribution network in over 60 countries
  9. 30 years of market experience
  10. Prestigious reference projects

Experienced Partner for Loudspeaker System Solutions

Through our technical innovations, ic audio has been a driving force in the development of public address systems for 30 years. We continuously invest in technological progress because innovation is the foundation of competitiveness and therefore ensures your future success. This includes the certification of our products which guarantees you the latest technological standard.

The high level of ic audio's innovative capacity is best illustrated through the wide product range developed over the years – from outstanding high-performance loudspeakers, intelligent electronics through to effective voice alarm solutions.

In particular, our portfolio of over 200 EN54 certified products demonstrates our industry strength and know-how. With the further development of network-based loudspeakers, we show our drive for constant renewal.

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