What We Do Best

Focussing on Customers

We know your needs and wishes because we ask. We listen to your answers because we want to understand. Together we develop solutions to your specifications. Reliably and with passion. All over the world.

Leading through Innovation

We know how to generate new creative impetus. Through continuous development and expansion, we drive the market forward We are not standing still because you aren't. Innovation is our motor, your needs our motivation.

Developing from Experience

Our productivity arises out of many years experience. High-end product solutions are the foundation of what makes us a strong partner. That's why you can trust us.

  • heinz pfannenschmidt
    Heinz Pfannenschmidt
    Founder & CEO
  • Sascha Riedling
    Sascha Riedling
    Analyst & Controller
  • Michael Hoff
    Michael Hoff
    Technical Support
  • Robin Stütz
    Robin Stütz
    Business Development
  • Semih Hatiloglu
    Semih Hatiloglu
    International Sales
  • Enno Burkhart
    Enno Burkhart
    Key Account Manager
  • Simon Fromm
    Simon Fromm
    Key Account Manager
  • Dominique Pirron
    Dominique Pirron
    Sales Back Office
  • Nico Eisenblätter
    Nico Eisenblätter
    Sales Export Back Office
  • Christian Kühne
    Christian Kühne
    Project Manager Inhouse
  • Hoda Latafi
    Hoda Latafi
    Marketing Assistant
  • Nissrine Latafi
    Nissrine Latafi
    Marketing Assistant
  • Sandra Pfannenschmidt
    Sandra Pfannenschmidt
    Customer Care
  • Yvonne Zenker
    Yvonne Zenker
  • Martina Motsch
    Martina Motsch
    Warehouse Manager
  • Torsten Bärwald
    Torsten Bärwald
    Warehouse Manager Assistant
  • Barbara Wessoly
    Barbara Wessoly
    Production Manager
  • Denise Glotzbach
    Denise Glotzbach
    Production Manager Assistant
  • Marion Ottine-Vuckovic
    Marion Ottine-Vuckovic
  • Grazyna Godulla
    Grazyna Godulla
  • Magda Obarymska
    Magda Obarymska
  • Goran Milic
    Goran Milic
  • Katarina Brandt
    Katarina Brandt
  • Dariusz Mazor
    Daiusz Mazor
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