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Progressive, resilient and determined – these are quality traits of the ic audio team.

According to this principles ic audio GmbH is supporting young athletes who are striving  to achieve their goals with passion and discipline. Having been a Triathlete in the past, the Triathlon Sponsoring is especially close to the heart of our CEO and founder Heinz Pfannenschmidt. The endurance sport combines 3 disciplines – swimming, cycling and running. Since 2000 Triathlon is an official olympic discipline.

Linus Stimmelic audio GmbH is proud to sponsor the up-and-coming Linus Stimmel, member of EJOT Teams TV Buschhütten (Premier League Germany) whose personal goal is to succeed throughout the season's spectacular Triathlon competitions. This will secure a permanent position in the highest Triathlon league and reflects the continous and sustainable development of new talents.

Linus Stimmel is a member of the national D-/C- squad for the German Triathlon Union. He continuously achieves outstanding results in competitions, e.g. the runner-up in the European Team Championship 2015 Geneva.

Our whole team is keeping their fingers crossed for Linus at his upcoming contests this season.

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