EN54 OEM Certification

It is a long and winding road to accomplish the EN54 certification for a product. Not only do you need expert know-how but also the process ties up financial and human resources for months on end.

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Heinz Pfannenschmidt
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As the leading EN54 loudspeaker manufacturer, we want you to focus on your core business. Therefore we are offering you a tailor-made OEM product solution for voice alarm systems. In addition to creating the overall concept, we conduct the complete EN54-24 certification process for your chosen loudspeaker.

On completion of the certification, you will be the certificate owner and our production facility will be the manufacturing plant. The annual audit will be conducted and managed at ic audio’s facility. Your time and effort are reduced to a minimum in every aspect of the process.

Our advanced experience allows for economically viable and swift project development. This gives you more time to market your optimal solution.

Worldwide our products are synonymous with the highest quality - our expert development team is ready to bring your projects up to this level. 

We offer professional and competent consultation to help manifest your competitive edge.

Services for Our OEM Partners Include:

  • Implementation of EN54 product certification
  • Country-specific solutions EN54-24 ic audio
  • Joint product development
  • Special-purpose solutions:
    mounting systems, weatherproofing,
    special builds for big projects
  • Customised design and finish
  • Individual product labelling
  • OEM product launch support


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