Spotlight: From Idea to Product

We develop our EN54 voice alarm loudspeakers for you with heart and passion!
Your satisfaction and our enthusiasm for audio technology have been the continuous driving force for the development of innovative and high-quality loudspeakers for 30 years. The combination of many years of experience, solid in-house competence and extensive technical equipment, makes it possible to develop new products year after year that meet the highest standards and, of course, also comply with the current standards.

We would like to give you a look "behind the scenes": Follow your new loudspeaker from the idea to the serial production.

The idea

The creation of a loudspeaker begins with you - yes, you read that correctly!
Your needs, challenges in the projects and market assessments are the decisive influence for product development. Be it in a conversation at the trade show, during your visit, your comments in our social media channels, or simply in the daily exchange with our team, your feedback will find a new form in ic audio speakers.

The interdisciplinary teamwork

An idea can be good, but a very good product with the greatest possible benefit can only be created when experts from a wide range of fields give the raw diamond the appropriate cut. For this reason, we rely on project sprints with colleagues from development, production, quality management and sales even before the first designs are made, in order to incorporate the entire spectrum of our know-how in the early concept phase.

The prototypes

The design of the new speakers is created at modern 3D workstations, where we mainly use Solid Works. In order to test the loudspeaker concept for suitability, first prototypes are developed with our in-house 3D printer.

In addition to numerous acoustic measurements that we carry out ourselves, we also have the acoustic performance of the loudspeakers determined by Prof. Dr. Anselm Goertz, IFAA Institute for Acoustics and Audio Technology to ensure the highest possible precision of the data.

In addition to the acoustic test series, we also check the reliability of the loudspeakers in a 100-hour endurance test under full load, as well as under more stringent conditions in our climate chamber. The impact resistance, as well as dust and water resistance, are also tested extensively for each speaker. A meticulous standards check, based on all relevant legal requirements, finally qualifies the loudspeaker for the certification phase.

The certification

Now the time has finally come - the new voice alarm loudspeaker can be tested for EN 54-24 conformity by a notified institute. For this multi-stage process, which requires detailed documentation of the product and test series in an external laboratory, we have been cooperating with the Polish testing institute CNBOP-PIB for many years. At the end of the certification, we receive a certificate of conformity that enables us to carry out CE marking and issue the corresponding manufacturer's declaration.

On the way to your project

After many small development steps and subsequent test runs in our production, the new EN54 loudspeaker is finally ready for series production and now finds its place in our opulent storage facilities. With our daily updated shipping service, the new loudspeaker will be at its place of use in no time at all and will reliably provide your project with sound for decades.

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