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During an emergency situation in buildings, the most important tasks are to get all the people out of the danger zones as fast as possible and to avoid any kind of mass panic. Especially in big buildings like public institutions or schools, precious time in rescue could be lost. Scientific studies have clearly proven that targeted information transmitted via voice announcements will gain valuable time over common signalling devices such as sirens or horns.

Precise instructions for evacuation can be transmitted via voice announcement, and panic situations can be prevented through reassuring messages. Additionally, voice announcements can be multi-lingual, even live announcements from the fire brigade can be streamed. All these advantages of voice alarm allow a considerably faster and more systematic evacuation of buildings and thus save lives.

Product specifications for voice alarm systems, loudspeakers, and emergency power supply were put into effect Europe-wide on 01.04.2011 to guarantee a standardised level of security and quality.

Extract of the Current Specifications:

  • Fire detection and fire alarm systems - Part 16: Voice alarm control and indicating equipment
  • Fire detection and fire alarm systems - Part 24: Components of voice alarm systems - Loudspeakers
  • Fire detection and fire alarm systems - Part 4: Power supply equipment

For a manufacturer of EN54 voice alarm loudspeakers all requirements, test methods and performance criteria are defined in the EN54-24 directive. The directive covers every aspect of communication between a fire alarm system and people in the building in case of an emergency. It includes acoustic requirements such as sound pressure levels and speech intelligibility, as well as sturdiness and protection against damaging environmental influences.

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Our loudspeakers are tested by an independent and certified institute. The tests result in issuing the EC conformity certificate. This certificate provides the standard CE designation with the institution’s code. You can find more details in the Declaration of Performance (DoP) document in the product section of the loudspeaker.

As a manufacturer with high quality standards, we welcome the European harmonisation of specifications, resulting in increased safety for people in buildings.

Our expert know-how, our ambitious drive for quality and continuous quest for innovation make us the leading manufacturer of EN54 loudspeakers worldwide.

We invite you to look into our unrivalled range of EN54 loudspeakers, available for nearly every installation environment you can possibly imagine.

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