Highest Quality Standards

Experts from all over the world trust our products and tailor-made sound solutions. Our passion for loudspeakers is the driving force behind our high-quality production standards.

Our strong commitment to quality is visible in every step of the manufacturing process, whereby we put extra attention on the production environment.

Made in Germany not only stands for the country of origin but also as a seal of quality.

ic audio Manufacture

In our manufacture, we are set to produce small to medium-sized loudspeaker series Made-in-Germany with the corresponding certificate of origin. 

Our highly skilled personnel will manually build your speaker, starting from the voice coil, the magnet system and the speaker cone all the way to the tweeter. They do this with passion, precision and care. We can count on members of staff with many years of experience. We also continue to invest in further qualifications.

The competence and commitment of our team over 30 years have made us grow into what we are for you today.

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