Harmony of the Seas Cruise ship
Harmony of the Seas

With more than 6000 passengers and 2000 staff members, the Harmony of the Seas is one of the largest cruise ships of the world. Equipped with several thousand custom-made ceiling speakers and seawater-proof horn speakers.

West Connex Sydney
West Connex M5 Australia

Twin underground motorway tunnels, nine kilometres long, creating 6 hectares of new open space in St. Peters (close to Sydney airport). More than 1600 custom-made tunnel horn speakers ensure the safety in this massive infrastructure project.

Opera Dubai
Dubai Opera

A unique architecture in a prominent location in Downtown Dubai. The 60,000 sqm building can be operated in three modes: as a concert hall, as a theatre and as a banquet or event hall. With the installation of the DL 20-200/T plus-EN54 2-way in-ceiling loudspeakers, no compromises were made in the choice of sound reinforcement.

Airport Instanbul
Istanbul Airport

The new international airport northwest of Istanbul city centre is a central hub connecting Europe with the rest of the world. Hundreds of 20W EN 54-24 in-ceiling loudspeakers and numerous 10W EN 54-24 surface-mounted loudspeakers ensure clear announcements with the highest security standards.

EZB Frankfurt
ECB Frankfurt

The European Central Bank is an imposing structure on the northern bank of the Main in Frankfurt. The 200-metre double towers with 43 and 45 storeys provide space for around 2,300 employees. Specially manufactured wall-mounted loudspeakers, which have been performing reliably since the opening in 2015, ensure optimal sound reinforcement.

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