DL 06-77/T-EN54

DL 06-77/T-EN54

  • quick mounting
  • shock-resistant housing
  • compact design
DL 06-77/T-EN54
DL 06-77/T-EN54

Ceiling speaker with metal firedome for voice alarm applications, certified EN 54-24, suitable for voice announcements and background music with excellent sound quality in buildings.

The 6W powered speaker is equipped with a 77mm full-range loudspeaker and a 100V transformer with 3 power adjustments. The powder coated metal in RAL 9016 guarantees long-term stability. For additional reliability, a thermal fuse is provided and the speaker is impregnated against wetness. The speaker is also secured with protection class IP 21C against the security risks of environmental influences. Quick and easy mounting with spring clamps and short tension distance. The connecting cables can be supplied by 4-pin screw terminal at the rear of the firedome.

Special paint of the speaker in 4-digit RAL- or NCS-colour available at extra cost.

The firedome is included in the delivery.

This speaker is suitable for a ceiling strength of about 2 – 45 mm. Our specification is primarily related to solid ceilings, for ceilings with soft materials a higher ceiling thicknesses could be necessary. In addition, stronger cables and other fittings may also result in changes of the appropriate setup. With regard to the variety of materials and manufacturers, we recommend to build in a sample of the speaker to match the requirements accurately

Article No.: 20142906
ProductDL 06-77/T-EN54
Power 6/3/1,5 W
Impedance (100V) 1667/3333/6667 ohm
Information Frequency Range 98 - 20.000 Hz
Information Frequency Response 93 - 20.100 Hz
Information SPL 1W/1m, peak 84,6 dB
Information SPL , 1W/4m, peak 72,6 dB
Information SPL Pmax/4m, peak 80,3 dB
SPL, rated noise power / 4m 79,0 dB
Information Sensitivity EN54-24, 1W/4m 68,4 dB
Information Sensitivity EN54-24, 1W/1m 80,4 dB
Dispersion -6dB, 500Hz h/v 180°
Dispersion -6dB, 1KHz h/v 180°
Dispersion -6dB, 2KHz h/v 180°
Dispersion -6dB, 4KHz h/v 81°
Connector 4-pin screw terminal
Maximum cable cross section 4,9mm²
Max. cable cross section loop 2x1,2mm²
Temperature range -10 / +55 C°
Dimensions 104x100,5 mm
Type A/B A
IP Rating IP21
Weight (net) 0,64 kg
Colour RAL 9016
Mounting Quick fit mounting
Packing Unit 12
Ref. Nr. 001-13
ID-Code SAA-LS01
Ceiling Cut-out 86 mm
Certificate Number 1438-CPR-0434
CE Year 15
ic audio loudspeakers are tested and classified according to the IEC standard 60529 (degree of protection by enclosure) against the penetration of foreign objects and moisture. The classification is conforming to standards through characterization with a fixed code. This code consists of the letters IP (International Protection) followed by two digits. The first digit indicates the degree of protection against dust and the second digit the degree of protection against water. Please note that the testing of the products has been carried out in laboratory conditions which are not always 100% comparable with the conditions of different installation environments. This protection can be reduced due to normal wear and tear depending on the installation environment.
RoHS compliant (2011/65/EU)
The IP rating as well as the temperature range specified are based on ic audio test results, not on CNBOP-PIB test results. Certification only verifies the minimum requirements for EN54-24 compliance.
DL 06-77/T-EN54Technical Drawing
DL 06-77/T-EN54Sound Pressure Level Diagram
DL 06-77/T-EN54Polar Diagram

RAL Colour

RAL coating

RAL Colour
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