DL-AB 06-200/T-EN54
barcode 4 605901 180391

Ceiling speaker for Voice Alarm, A/B-cabling, 2x6 power, certified EN 54-24

Technical Data
Colour RAL 9010
Dimensions 268x136 mm
Ceiling Cut-out 243 mm
Dispersion -6dB, 500Hz 180° (h) s/d 180° (v) s/d
Dispersion -6dB, 1KHz 160° (h) s/d 160° (v) s/d
Dispersion -6dB, 2KHz 120° (h) 160° (v) single 75° (h) 90° (v) double
Dispersion -6dB, 4KHz 65° (h) 120° (v) single 40° (h) 60° (v) double
Sensitivity EN54-24, 1W/1m 89,0 dB
Sensitivity EN54-24, 1W/4m 77,0 dB
Frequency Range 162 - 18.600 Hz (single) 159 - 16.000 Hz (double)
SPL, rated noise power / 4m 85,0 dB (single) 91,0 dB (double)
SPL 1W/1m, peak 98,4 dB (single) 104,8 dB (double)
SPL , 1W/4m, peak 86,4 dB (single)
92,8 dB (double)
SPL Pmax/4m, peak 94,1 dB (single)
100,5 dB (double)
Frequency Response 125 - 23.500 Hz (single)
120 - 23.500 Hz(double)
DL-AB 06-200/T-EN54
barcode 4 605901 180391
Mounting Instruction
  1. Fasten the speaker ring in the ceiling cut-out by carefully folding the mounting springs. The tensile force of the springs provides a stable hold.
  2. Insert the enclosed rubber grommets into the two holes on the back of the fire dome.
  3. Insert the 100V speaker cables through the grommets of the fire dome.
  4. Attach the fire dome to the speaker ring mounted in the ceiling. To do this, push the three inner springs out of the spring slots towards the centre of the fire dome and then to the side so that they rest against the inside. Position the fire dome in the speaker ring in the ceiling. Please make sure that the fire dome is inserted as far as it will go. Then snap the springs back into the spring slots of the fire dome. This fixes the fire dome in place.
  5. Connect the loudspeaker cable to the ceramic terminal (COM and 100V connection).
  6. Insert the grille into the speaker ring (as far as it will go) and carefully turn the grille clockwise. Use the enclosed mounting hook for this purpose. Do not insert the hook into the grille more than 5mm from the outer ring to avoid damage. The openings of the bayonet catches should be in a straight line with the rivets on the inner side of the speaker ring.
Safety Notice
For this loudspeaker, the retention force of the springs in the mounting frame has been increased to ensure an even more secure hold in the ceiling.
Please take this into account during installation to avoid injuries to the hands caused by the stronger springs.
Please do not remove the insulating material from the speaker, as this could have a negative effect on the acoustics.