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Saving lives

In the event of emergencies in buildings, it is particularly important to guide people out of the danger zones as quickly as possible and to avoid mass panic. Particularly in large buildings, i.e. especially in public facilities such as schools or administrations, valuable minutes for rescue can quickly be lost.

This requirement has also been the subject of a number of scientific studies, which have clearly demonstrated that targeted information to people by means of speech provides significant time advantages over conventional signalling devices such as sirens or horns.

Voice announcements can convey accurate evacuation instructions and avoid panic situations by providing reassuring messages. In addition, voice announcements can be multilingual and even live fire department announcements are possible. With these advantages, voice alerting enables a much faster and more targeted evacuation of buildings and protects human lives!

In order to guarantee a uniform safety and quality level, corresponding product standards for the voice alarm system, the loudspeakers and the emergency power supply have been put into force throughout Europe as of 01.04.2011 (in the course of the harmonisation of standards).

Notes on current standards

EN 54-16: 2008 Fire detection and fire alarm systems – Part 16: Voice alarm control panels

EN 54-24: 2008 Fire detection and fire alarm systems – Part 24: Components for voice alarm systems – Loudspeakers

EN 54-4: 1997 Fire detection and fire alarm systems – Part 4: Power supply equipment

Learn more about our requirements

For us as a manufacturer of EN54 loudspeakers for voice alarms, the EN54-24 standard therefore specifies all the requirements, test procedures and performance criteria that enable the transmission of fire announcements as a link between a fire alarm system and the people in the building.

This concerns acoustic requirements, e.g. with regard to sound pressure and speech intelligibility, as well as requirements for stability of the construction and protection against harmful environmental influences.

The testing of our loudspeakers is carried out by an independent and notified testing institute and results in the issuance of the EC certificate of conformity. The certificate is the basis for the standard-compliant CE marking with indication of the test center identification number. Further details can be found on the respective declaration of performance (DoP) in the product area under Downloads.

As a manufacturer with a special demand for quality, we expressly welcome the European harmonization of standards and the resulting increase in safety for people in buildings!

Our excellent expertise, our unconditional striving for quality and our permanent search for innovations make us the leading supplier of EN54 loudspeakers worldwide.

Our unmatched EN54 portfolio, with Classic, Music, Design, Pro and Infra categories, offers the optimal solution for almost any  installation environment.

Quality management

Speaker lab tests

The laboratory tests for EN54 voice alarm loudspeakers are at the heart of product conformity and place high demands on acoustic properties as well as reliability.

The loudspeaker tests depend on the type of environment in which the loudspeaker is to be used (type A for indoor or type B for outdoor applications) and ultimately on the properties that the manufacturer wishes to attribute to the product in the declaration of performance. Essentially, however, the tests and the permitted tolerances are identical for both types of loudspeaker, with a few exceptions.

The following is a brief overview; for a detailed look, we recommend obtaining the original text of the standard.


The EN 54-24 loudspeaker test series starts with the “performance test”, in which the frequency response of each test sample is measured with a measurement signal between 85Hz and 12kHz and compared with the permissible values specified in the standard.

This is followed by other extensive acoustic tests such as measuring the nominal impedance, the horizontal and vertical dispersion angles, and the maximum sound pressure level.

Other tests focus on durability; for example, the rated noise power is measured after 100 hours of continuous exposure to “pink noise.” The sound pressure of the loudspeaker must not deviate from the original result by more than ±3dB after a rest period.


The proof that the loudspeaker functions properly even at high ambient temperatures is also a relevant test criterion. A distinction is made between dry heat (in operation) and dry heat as a long-term test. In the latter test, a de-energized sample is used to prove that the loudspeaker shows no long-term effects of aging. Temperatures can be as high as 70 degrees Celsius for outdoor speakers.

In addition to the heat test, cold tests are also performed, with temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius for outdoor speakers. Another particularly demanding test is that of resistance to a high humidity environment, where there is an increased risk of condensation. Humidity is maintained at a high level between 93-95%, while the temperature varies between 25 and 55 degrees Celsius.


But that’s not all, in the SO2 corrosion resistance test, the loudspeaker is brought into contact with a sulfur dioxide mixture over a period of 21 days in a climate chamber at 93% humidity. This test impressively simulates the possible exposure to atmospheric contaminants.

Finally, the loudspeaker is also subjected to tests to simulate typical mechanical damage. This involves insensitivity to mechanical shocks as well as robustness against impacts on the surface of the loudspeaker.

OEM Partner

EN 54-24 certification packages

We offer highly customised OEM solutions for voice alarm loudspeakers so you can stay focussed on your core business. Our outstanding expertise guarantees a fast and simple process.

The ic audio OEM services at a glance:

EN54 OEM Certification
We create the overall product concept and manage the complete EN 54-24 certification process for the loudspeaker of your choice. On completion of the certification, you will be the certificate owner and our production facility will be the manufacturing plant.

EN54 OEM Light
The easiest and fastest way to increase your brand presence with an already certified ic audio speaker as the basis.

EN54 OEM Compliance Consulting
You would like to certify a product but you are not sure whether it meets all the EN 54-24 requirements? Our team is looking forward to put your product through its paces and make it ready for the laboratory test.

EN54 OEM License
You are already cooperating with a 3rd party and envision a joint certification? Our licensing service offers a fast and effortless solution for you.

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