2-Way Systems

2-Way Systems

Loudspeakers with 2-way systems are a popular choice for audiophiles who expect high sound quality and precise music reproduction, but they also play an increasingly important role in fixed installations with EN54 speech alarms. But what exactly does “2-way system” mean and what advantages does it offer the user? Let’s first look at the technical structure. 

In simple terms, a 2-way system consists of two loudspeakers, a woofer, and a tweeter, each responsible for reproducing specific frequencies. The woofer is responsible for the bass and midrange frequencies, while the tweeter is responsible for the higher frequencies. 

In contrast, 1-way speakers (often referred to as full-range speakers) have only one speaker that is responsible for reproducing all frequencies. 

This results in a more imprecise sound image, as a single speaker is usually less capable of reproducing all frequencies equally well. 

Speakers with 2-way systems, on the other hand, offer several advantages. For one thing, they allow for a more precise reproduction, as each speaker is responsible for a certain frequency, one could also say that specialists for the frequency ranges are at work here. This leads to a clearer and more detailed reproduction of music. 

Another advantage of 2-way speakers is that they often have a higher power handling than 1-way speakers. This is because the woofer, responsible for the bass and midrange frequencies, is often larger than the speaker in a 1-way system. 

This allows it to absorb more energy and play the music at higher volumes without distorting it. Of course, there are also products here to which this blanket statement only applies to a limited extent.  

If you’re looking for a high-quality speaker that covers a wide frequency spectrum and offers the high sound quality, speakers with 2-way systems are an excellent choice. 

In addition to the monitor speakers, you will find numerous speakers with high-quality 2-way equipment in our product range; these are marked with “plus” in the product name

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